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Livestream HD1710

The Livestream Studio HD1710 Live Production Switcher is an all-in-one, rack-mountable 17-input switcher. It allows you to connect up to 17 cameras, using 16 HD-SDI inputs and one HD-SDI/HDMI input, and stream to in-venue screens or to the web using the built-in HD multi-bitrate encoder. The HD1710 comes pre-installed with Livestream Studio production software and includes the Studio Surface Core Module and Track Module for complete tactile control.

The HD1710 is built to handle the most demanding productions. It features an Intel Core i7 3.2 GHz six-core processor, 64GB of RAM, and a three WD Red 1TB 7200rpm hard drives capable of recording four simultaneous isolated (ISO) recordings, 2 remote cameras, and 60 hours of broadcast-quality HD program output. The HD170 can be rack-mounted using the included accessories, making it suitable for studios, production facilities, live venues, and production trucks.

The HD170 is designed to broadcast television SMPTE and color sampling standards, supporting formats up to 1080p30/25 and 1080i60/50 and featuring 10-bit 4:2:2 video and 24-bit 48 kHz audio processing. Four Blackmagic Design DeckLink Quad cards provide support for up to 16 HD-SDI input sources. A Blackmagic Design DeckLink Studio card provides an additional HDMI or HD-SDI input, as well as Composite, Component, and S-Video support via the included breakout cable. The HD1710 also supports two remote camera sources, such as a live feed from your Livestream account and a remote computer desktop. Embedded audio from SDI and HDMI input sources is supported, as well as analog audio via 1/8" and 1/4" inputs. Audio monitoring is available via a 1/8" output.

The pre-installed Livestream Studio live production software provides a full field rate multiview that displays all live inputs, graphics, and media players in real-time. The multiview features audio monitoring for each input and audio PPM overlay with peak hold on all inputs and outputs. The integrated ATI Firepro 2460 graphics card lets you extend your display to four additional monitors via Mini DisplayPort connectors. In terms of graphics, two layers can be overlayed and mixed with transparency. Add text, images, live picture-in-picture, countdown graphics, and more.

In addition to Studio Surface Core and Track Modules, the HD1710 comes included with a configurable, color-coded Livestream Studio keyboard, and a mouse with mousepad. It also includes a power cord, Blackmagic DeckLink Studio breakout cable, and 16 BNC Female to DIN 1.0/2.3 RG-59 SDI cables for SDI inputs on Blackmagic Design Quad Cards. Rubber feet are provided for table-top use, and a rack-mount slide rail kit for easy-access rack installation.

Livestream Studio Surface
The HD1710 comes with the Livstream Studio Surface Core and Track modules. Surface encompasses all of Studio's broad functionality in an intuitive and familiar layout that you can take with you on the road. Tactile controls give you quick access to critical functions, including full motorized audio mixing and assignable triggers for current and future Studio features. The modules align magnetically to provide 20 extra assignable tracks with audio mixing, a T-Bar, LCD Screens, and workflow indicative LCD lights.
Built-In Multiview
Monitor all your cameras in real-time thanks to the built-in multiviewer. Livestream Studio has a built-in multiview with all the features you'd expect from a live production control room, including full field-rate display (no matter how many inputs), tally, input labels and audio levels.
External Multi-Screen Monitoring
The built-in ATI Firepro 2460 graphics card lets you extend the multiview to four monitors via Mini DisplayPort.
Cut, dissolve, or select from a collection of wipe transitions when producing your live show.
Built-In Audio Mixer
The integrated multi-channel audio mixer features mix automation, SDI and HDMI embedded audio, level monitoring, peak warnings, as well as channel grouping. The HD1710 also supports the use of external audio mixers.
Audio Input Options
Embed your audio via HD-SDI, bring in your analog audio via any USB audio device, or use the built-in 1/8" or 1/4" analog audio input.
Built-In Graphics Editor
The two-channel graphics generator allows you to create templates and change sport scores, lower third text, or other graphic elements on the fly. The editor is built right into the user interface and supports text, transparent images, live picture-in-picture video, countdowns, and a range of graphic effects including drop shadows, borders, crops, and more.
Downstream Key Overlays
Overlays graphics as layers on top of your program mix with transparency. This is ideal for adding corner bugs, sport cording, lower thirds, picture-in-picture, and other broadcast graphics.
Composite up to five live audio/video sources together within the graphics editor. Add a simple second camera angle, a scoreboard cam, or even a broadcast network 4-person live chat over an animated background video.
Media Recording (With ISO Recording)
Record your program output in broadcast quality MJPEG to an AVI file for archive and editing later in your NLE software, or for playback directly within one of the Livestream Studio media players. The HD1710 supports up to four simultaneous isolated recordings (ISO). Choose from clean graphics-free video, video with graphics, as well as any live camera input. You can also open the files being recorded in the media players to trim and replay segments from your live show without stopping the recording.
Livestream Studio Media Player
Add recorded material to your program quickly and easily with the two media players built-in to the Livestream Studio. You can import popular media formats such as H.264 video, MP3 and WAV audio), build playlists, loop clips, and auto-play on transition. You can also scrub through footage and trim clips down for broadcast. When working with clips that do not match your project settings, the built-in transcoder is available for file conversion. You can even get basic instant-replay functionality by loading an ISO recording into the media player.
The HD1710 supports four simultaneous recordings. Record up to 60 hours of 1080i video at 100 Mbps in AVI MJPEG with uncompressed audio to three 1TB hard drives (two removable, one internal). Interlacing and "Time of Day" timecode are supported. Recording is fully compatible with Blackmagic Design Media Express and Adobe Premiere.
Remote Camera
Desktop: Broadcast a remote computer desktop video and audio as a Livestream Studio input via your local Wi-Fi or Ethernet network. Full motion and audio are supported.

Cloud: Downlink live feeds from your Livestream accounts and use it as a remote live source in your program mix.
Integrated Live Streaming Encoder
Livestream Studio comes with a built-in H.264/AAC multi-bitrate live streaming encoder. You can stream HD video directly to Livestream, UStream, YouTube Live, or any RTMP-compatible server or CDN (Wowza Media Server, Akami, Flash Media Server). Also supported is the ZiXi streaming protocol and 1080p streaming when using custom quality settings.
Stream to Any Device
Livestream supports simultaneous output to desktop browsers, Roku connected TVs, and iOS/Android devices through a combination of Flash, adaptive bitrate HLS, and RTSP streaming protocols.
Live Video Output
Output your live program via SDI or HDMI to large format in-venue screens, broadcast networks, or complement your workflow using external video hardware such as graphics generators, encoders, and recorders.
Built-In Converter
Input different video formats into the same project with ease and without the need of external converters, saving you time and money.
Tally Light
Use the tally light integration to let your talent and camera operators know which source is live and which source is coming next. The HD1710 supports tally devices from MetaSETZ.
Mid-Roll Ad Insertion
Using an optional Livestream Platform Enterprise account, add your Google DFP ID and start monetizing your stream with mid-roll advertising. Simply press the "Insert Advertisement" button.
Livestream Keyboard and Mouse Included
Use the included Livestream keyboard to quickly access essential functions and features. The keyboard works with all Livestream Studio products. A Livestream mouse and mousepad are also included.
Free Software Updates
New features provided to all customers free of charge via our online automated software updates.

Built-In Video Input/Output Cards 4 x Blackmagic Design DeckLink Quad (PCI)
1 x Blackmagic Design DeckLink Studio (PCI)
Inputs 17 x HD-SDI (streaming only)
1 x HDMI
1 x Composite, BNC connector
1 x S-Video
1 x Component
1 x Analog audio, 1/8"
4 x Analog audio, 1/4"
2 x AES/EBU audio
Embedded Audio Input 17 Stereo or 136 Mono inputs
Outputs 1 x HDMI
1 x HD-SDI
1 x Composite, BNC connector
1 x S-Video
1 x Component
1 x Analog audio, 1/8"
2 x Analog audio, 1/4"
2 x AES/EBU audio
2 x Additional AES/EBU OR analog audio
Audio Monitoring 1 x 1/8" jack
Media Sources 2 x DDRs (video clip playback with built-in transcoder)
2 x GFX (graphics)
2 x Color bars / background color
Remote Camera 2 x Remote camera desktop video & audio over local Wi-Fi or Ethernet network
Format Conversion Built-in broadcast quality format converter for every input with automatic format detection. Allows use of any camera and video source without matching video formats.
Built-In Multiview On-screen full field rate multiview of all live inputs, Preview, Program Out, GFX and DDR, Audio PPM overlay with peak hold feature on all inputs and outputs. Resizable layout allowing hiding of all controls to maximize multiview screens.
External Multiscreen 4 x Extended Screen outputs, Mini DisplayPort
Video Switcher/Mixer Mixer & Effects Bank (M/E) with no upstream keyer
Transitions: SMPTE Wipe, Cut & Fade (Auto transition with adjustable duration in frames, manual via on-screen T-BAR or keyboard shortcuts)
Graphics Downstream Key 2 x Graphics DSK (downstream key) channels

One channel for GFX1 and one channel for GFX2
Independent or locked transition controls (fade/cut)
Preview on multiview
Graphics & Titling Load JPG or PNG files (full transparency support with PNG files)
Add text (set position/font/size/color) over any loaded image file within the GFX1 or GFX2
Video Clip Playback 2 Media Players: Eject/Load clip, Play Pause/stop, Audio/Video Scrubber, Timecode indicator, Seek to timecode, Mark In/Mark Out, Loop, Auto-play on transition
Recording MJPEG with uncompressed audio
Interlacing and timecode support
Full compatibility with Blackmagic Design Media Express and Adobe Premiere
Recording Capacity Approx. 60 hours at 1080i (using 3 x 1TB built-in hard drives with recorder set to record at 100 Mbps MJPEG AVI)
Live Streaming HD live streaming via Gigabit/100/10 built-in Ethernet
Presets in up to HD 720p
Multiple simultaneous bit-rates, including mobile quality for playback over 3G on mobile devices (iPhone/Android)
Integrated live streaming to Livestream or any other RTMP compatible service including Ustream, YouTube Live, Akamai, Wowza Media Server
Audio Mixing Integrated multi-channel audio mixer for internal and external audio sources, outputs, stream and headphones
Incorporated video switcher follow feature with audio crossfade support when fading two video sources
Supported Formats 1080p 23.98/24/25/29.97/30
1080PsF 23.98/24/25/29.97/30
1080i 50/59.94/60
720p 50/59.94/60
625/25 PAL
525/29.97 NTSC
525/23.98 NTSC
Playback Media Formats GFX: JPEG or PNG image files with transparency support
DDR: AVI MJPEG with uncompressed audio, DV Video, WMV (7/8/9), H.264 (.mov & .avi), MPEG4 Part 2 (.mov & .avi), MPEG4 V1/V2 (.mov & .avi), AAC, MP3
Record Media Formats AVI MJPEG with uncompressed audio
Operating System Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) or better
CPU Intel Core i7 3930K 3.2 GHz Six-Core "Sandy Bridge-E" processor, 12MB L3 cache, 130W, Socket LGA 2011
Graphics Card ATI Firepro 2460 Multi-View Professional Graphics PCI Express 2.0 graphics card quad output
Storage 2 x Removable WD Red 1TB/7200 RM ISO recording drives, mid-plane, access door, receiver mounting kits
1 x Internal fix mounted WD Red 1TB/7200 RM ISO hard drive
1 x internal fix mounted 120GB SSD OS / application drive.
RAM 64 GB, 8 total DDR3 1600Mhz Non-ECC (4 x 16GB DIMM configuration)
Processing Video: 4:2:2, 10-bit Color (REC 601, REC 709)
Audio: 48 kHz, 24-bit
REF IN/Genlock (Requires genlocking the two Blackmagic Design cards via two separate connectors)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 16.50 x 20.83 x 5.25" (41.91 x 52.91 x 13.34 cm)
Weight 20.40 lb (9.25 kg)
Livestream Studio HD1710 Live Production Switcher
Studio Surface Core Module
Studio Surface Track Module
16 x BNC Female to DIN 1.0/2.3 RG-59 SDI Cable (for Full-Sized SDI Input on Blackmagic Design Quad Card)
Livestream Studio Keyboard
Livestream Mousepad
DeckLink Studio Breakout Cable
Blackmagic Design Cards Driver CD and Documentation
Power Cord
Rackmount Slide Rail Kit
Rubber Feet
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