NAB 2018 - Sony Announce the FS5II, PXWZ190 and the PXWZ280

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Hot off the press at this years NAB, Sony have announced three new cameras to its professional production camera range. The PXWFS5II and a couple of interesting 3x sensor cameras the PXWZ190 and the PXW280.

Let's look at the FS5II first - For all those who already own the FS5 you're now probably wondering (or panicking) that you camera is now outdated or second rate. The good news is definitely not, if you already own an FS5, do not fret, take it back out of the bin, the changes to the FS5II are somewhat subtle (and slightly ambiguous) yet similar to the FS7II update; 

Highlights of the FS5II in summary;

- New shooting mode of HLG/BT.2020 to off instant HDR workflow.
- All new refined picture tone, "alluring, well-rendered" facial tones. (The ambiguous part)
- 10 picture profile settings.
- Continuous 50/60p 4K RAW output with compatible recorder. (without having to purchase any upgrade, current FS5 users can still achieve this, but will need to purchase a RAW upgrade sorry).

Apart from this it's basically the same as the FS5. 

Interestingly, there still doesn't seem to be any mention of 4K 10-bit 50/60p internal recording available. (Details are limited, so we may be wrong) 

Video from Sony 

In our opinion the more interesting releases were some of Sony's 3x sensor ENG-type run and gun cameras.

The PXWZ190 and PXWZ280 (arguable the long awaited successor to Sony's workhorse PMW300).

The PXWZ190 and 280 actually boasts 50/60p and 10 bit 4:2:2 internal recording (up to 4K on the PXWZ280), something the FS5 is yet to have. Both cameras also feature sLOG curves and HLG on board as well. 

The Z190 has a 25x Sony G Zoom, Sony's Variable ND filter and 4K recording. 

The Z280 really kills it with the 4K 50/60p internal recording at 10-bit, variable filter, XAVC intra codec (or good ol MPEG HD422 and DVCAM if you're still shooting for networks) and 4 Channels of independent Audio, plus a higher quality Fuji built 17x lens. 

Sony links to official press releases.


AUD Prices and shipping to be announced for both shortly - stay tuned.

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