Belden SDI Cable - Maximum Rated Distance of Cable Runs

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We're often getting asked what the maximum length is that someone can run an HD video signal down Belden 1505A or 1694 cable is? Well the answer is, it depends! Below is a handy table from Belden which shows you their maximum recommended cable distances under optimal conditions depending on the resolution of the video. 

If you want to run HD-SDI or 3G-SDI signal longer than 93 or 64 metres respectively, we'd recommend purchasing a re-clocking SDI distribution amplifier to extend or double the maximum length. Vizcom sell DA's by either Kramer Electronics, Blackmagic, AJA or tvONE.

EG - Blackmagic SDI distribution.

Max Cable length runs for different types of Belden cable.

Belden SDI Cable - 1505A - Cable LengthsBelden SDI Cable - 1505A - Patch Leads

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