Sony announce RAW upgrade for FS5 enabling 4K 120fps RAW.

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Sony have recently announced the long awaited RAW update/upgrade for the PXWFS5. This will enable their RAW data stream to be output from the BNC SDI and HDMI connectors. This is great news for those frustrated with the cache'd internal slow-motion recording or the limited 30p UHD internal 4:2:0 4K recording. 

The upgrade will be a paid upgrade and has been named with the catchy title of CBKZ-FS5RIF. Online speculation is around $600 USD so we are likely to see this retail at around the $800 - 900 AUD mark.

Those looking to purchase the new Atomos Inferno or owners of the Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+ will now be able to accept the RAW Sony Protocol and record on to SSD as either Proress or DNxHR etc at up to 240fps from 2K raw continuously and also 120fps in 4K raw but limited to 4 second bursts from the Cache. 

Features below;

  • 4K RAW output*

    The CBKZ-FS5RIF upgrade licence allows the PXW-FS5 camcorder to output 4K (4096x2160) RAW at 23.98p, 25p, 29.97p, 50p and 59.94p, recording to the AXS-R5 external recorder attached with the HXR-IFR5 interface unit (sold separately).

    PXW-FS5 requires Version 2.0 firmware or above.

  • Simultaneous XAVC HD internal recording*

    While outputting 4K/2K RAW to the AXS-R5, it is possible to simultaneously record XAVC HD on SD memory cards in the camcorder’s internal dual media slots. One application of this could be that the RAW recording is used for production and XAVC HD for on-set review.

    * PXW-FS5 requires Version 2.0 firmware or above.

  • 4K cached RAW output*

    Approximately 4 seconds of cached 4K RAW can be output at 100 or 120 fps as 23.98p, 25p, 29.97p or 59.94p.

    * PXW-FS5 requires Version 2.0 firmware or above.

  • Continuous high speed 2K RAW output*

    You can output continuous 2K RAW at 100, 120, 200 or 240 fps as 23.98p, 25p, 29.97p or 59.94p.

    * PXW-FS5 requires Version 2.0 firmware or above.

Sony to announce pricing and availability shortly. Stay tuned! For more information please contact one of our broadcast sales specialists on 

Product information can also be found on the Sony Australia site here.


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